UNIVERSITY of ARIZONA TUCSON, APRIL 1st 2009. DENIS MUEBAKE AND ANGELO ELO NDONG.The presentation started with a welcome speech by Ms.Amanda Mfander,who then introduced the first speaker of the day Mr.Denis Muebake of equatorial Guinea.I took the rostrum at about 11:24AM.After a brief introduction of myself and the group African Refugee's Committee of Solidarity,with the help of a video projector,projecting slides of information and photos about Equatorial Guinea, I went on to the business of the day which was to let the audience know all about my country Equatorial Guinea.I started by taking the audience down the Equato-Guinean history lane from the day of colonization to the independence on the 12 October 1968.
Then the natural resources of Equatorial Guinea and how they affect the life of the leaders of the country and the ordinary man and also the under exploitation of some.From independence,I talked about the dictatorial regime of the first ever president of Equatorial Guinea Francisco Macias Nguema and how the country was ruined under his regime and also the fact 1/3 of the population fled to neighboring countries and more than 40.000 others were sentenced to forced labor.
Then i went on to the on to the still dictatorial regime of Teodoro Obiang Nguema which has not done much in alleviating the suffering of the ordinary Equato-Guinean person on the street.The president,his son Teodorin Obiang Mangue,members of his family and government have held the small country hostage by squandering the wealth of this rich country.Buying of expensive houses and cars in South Africa and USA are just some of the examples provided.
The issue of the notorious Black Beach Prison was also highlited.With many of the inmates in Black beach being political prisoners and due to the torture they are undergoing,the speaker x-rayed the notorious prison and its occupants and torturers.Then came the issue of the luxurious lifestyles of the president,his son and cum minister of agriculture and forestry Teodorin Mangue Obiang and their collaborators audience were amazed that these small group of people squandered the wealth of the country while the majority of the population were living below the poverty line.
The presentation ended with proposal from the speaker of a series of measures and a six points plan that the government of Equatorial Guinea should implement so as to give us the the possibility of regaining our fatherland and its ultimate development the audience were called upon to volunteer act as volunteers of ARCS so as to give ARCS the opportunity to grow stronger and organize more of such presentations so that the fundamental changes that we sough for in Equatorial Guinea can be realized.
During the entire duration of the presentation,the audience were shaking their head in disbelief and surprised that horrible things like these were happening in this modern world and going almost unnoticed the full room of about 35 participants,17 individuals wrote their names and email addresses indicating that they are interested in getting more information and supporting our group.
Members of the audience were also given the opportunity to ask questions at the end presentations of which some interested questions were asked of which adequate and satisfactory answers were provided much to the satisfaction of the audience all ended with the distribution of printed materials and complimentary cards of ARCS for interested audience to contact the group for further correspondence.
If this presentation was successful,as everyone agreed it was,its thanks to the relentless hard work of the following people:Mr Angelo Elo Ndong and wife.Ms.Morgan MfanderMr.Gaetan KanyantakoreMr.Musa BariMr.Abd. SalamMr.Denis MuebakeAll others whose names we have not been able to mention here.And all the participants as well as the authorities of University of Arizona in Tucson for their kind consideration of our objectives and given us the opportunity to use their facilities.

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